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Ultimate Body has been around for over 25 years, during that time we have worked with boys and girls of all ages, some of which has gone on to achieve scholarships to American Universities, careers in basketball, baseball, soccer, football, ballroom dancing, rugby, bobsleigh, figure skating, and track & field.

Ultimate Body prepares the athletes for the path and not the path for the athletes. Sport is about learning to succeed and to fail. Leaning about sportsmanship is very important. We teach hard work commitment, loyalty, and dedication.

Track & field is our main sport, which is the foundation for all sports where speed and power are essential components for success. These sports include football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, track & field, speed skating and figure skating. You will develop sound fundamentals and basic techniques crucial for the development of future champions. learn how to have proper stride rate and length, fast start, quick reaction time, ideal running position, flexibility, relaxation, efficient, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, the range of movement and balance. Learn the necessity of proper nutrition, sleep and rest, how this relates to speed on the playing field or on the court.



Specializing in speed coaching, Ultimate Body will help you achieve your ultimate potential in your chosen sport:



Full-out speed in all events



Legging out an infield hit

Beating the throw to the plate

Running down a fly ball



Closing speed of a defensive back

Breakaway speed of a running back or receiver

That first step of a lineman exploding off the line



Charging the net

Chasing down the ball



Increased anticipation skills (offense & defense)

Breakaway down the court



Beating an opponent to a loose ball



Be faster, stronger, avoid injuries

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